Among the various services offered by Poste Italiane, Poste Italiane’s personal loans have existed for some years, better known under the name.

Thanks to it you will get the financing in mediocre times, but what matters most is the reliability for an institution.

Loan offer

Loan offer

The advantage of personal loans is undoubtedly being able to receive consumer credit directly on your current account, and to have the loan repaid credited.

The types of loan is very varied, and allows access to consumer credit also based on the specific use that will be made of the sum of money requested.

A typical example may be for those who want money to renovate their home or to buy a motorcycle.

The features that make Poste Italiane’s loans very advantageous are:

  • The possibility of using your BancoPosta account for crediting and reimbursement;
  • Fixed rates;
  • The possibility of reshaping the amount and duration of the installments even with open financing;

Loan Requirements

The standard product of Poste Italiane’s loans is the bancoposta loan , a solution that allows current account holders (of the Italian Post Office) to request from a minimum of 2,000 to a maximum of 30,000 euro of consumption credit.

The repayment duration can be agreed and of course variable, at the time of signing the subscription. The times range from a minimum of 12 to a maximum of 84 months , based on your economic needs and subject to a fixed interest rate.

How does a loan work?

The aforementioned financing is extremely simple. Crediting takes place directly on your account, from which the monthly repayment installment is withdrawn.

Obviously, we must not add any other costs, such as the preliminary investigation and commission for the payment of the installment. TAN and APR are also very affordable.

You can apply for a loan by presenting yourself at a post office with the following documentation :

  • Identity card;
  • Passport and residence permit, for foreign citizens;
  • The tax code;
  • Documents proving income, for Italian citizens;

If you are not a BancoPosta customer, the alternative is to request to receive consumer credit directly in cash at the Post Office, but this mode can only be used for amounts up to 10,000 euros.

Online financing

Online financing

Those who do not have the time or desire to go to a post office can apply for the loan online , from the comfort of their own home for amounts ranging from € 2,000 to € 30,000 .

Also in this case the repayment duration of the loan can go from 1 to 7 seven years and the interest rate remains fixed for the entire duration of the personal loan requested.

To activate fast loan, it is necessary to access Poste Italiane’s online services portal, fill out the application and send signed documents via email.

Requesting the BancoPosta online loan makes it possible to avoid the costs for the investigation of the application, collection and management of the installment as well as, in this specific case, those foreseen for the stamp duty.

Flexible: what is it?

It may happen that you need to apply for a personal loan but cannot guarantee the payment repayment periodicity.

In this case it may be useful to evaluate the possibility of requesting a loan with the Flexible Loan for small loans from 3,000 to 30,000 euros .

The peculiarity of this solution is the possibility to change the amount of your installment or move the term of the loan .

If, on the other hand, you have an account, you can divide the repayment through the installment exchange for a period ranging from canonical 12 to 84 months that can be extended up to 108 months .

Consolidation loans, when you need the money in a single solution

Consolidation loans, when you need the money in a single solution

Do you want to simplify the deadlines of the various loans in a single monthly commitment? The solution could be debt consolidation.

Through this financing, consumer credit can be accessed for amounts from 3,000 to 50,000 euros , with a repayment duration ranging from 36 to 96 months.

The sum of money required will be paid by crediting the applicant’s BancoPosta account in a single payment.

Loans for home renovation

Loans for home renovation

Do you have a account, do you need to renovate your home and need financing? The  Restructuring Home loan comes to your aid .

It provides you with a maximum amount of 60,000 euros which you can also use for the purchase of building products such as photovoltaic or solar panels, large appliances such as furniture.

And I remind you that as explained by the Incoming Agency, you can have tax breaks from the Stability law , thus managing to deduct a good part of the aforementioned expenses.

The duration of the loan ranges from 36 to 120 months , and in addition to the necessary documents that we have already seen for the other products, it is necessary to attach cost estimates or order refunds.

Also, in this case, the sum of the credit to consumption required is issued in a single solution credited to the applicant’s account, and the repayment is made by debiting the fixed monthly installments.

Loans for the purchase of a new home

If you plan to buy a new home, a garage or any property, you can opt for: Home Purchase Loan .

By requesting consumption credit in this way you can get a sum of money from 10,000 to 60,000 euros with a loan term ranging from 36 to 120 months.

To the usual documents to present to obtain a Poste Italiane loan it is necessary to add also the registered compromise or the deed of purchase .

Also in this case the sum is paid in a single tranche with credit to your account and the reimbursement is made by debiting the monthly installments, always on your current account.

Loans for the purchase of a car

purchase of a car

Thinks of you even if you want to buy a new car . All these thanks to Auto , with which you can get from € 7,500 to € 30,000 with a loan period that can go from 30 to 84 months .

To access the financing, in addition to the identity card, the health card and an income document, it is necessary to demonstrate the intention to purchase the vehicle by presenting the estimate.

Motorcycle Financing

Motorcycle Financing

Another alternative if you want a motorcycle . Through this loan you will be able to obtain a consumption credit between 5,000 and 20,000 euros, which you will then have to repay between 24 and 48 months .

Mini Loan

Mini Loan

Sometimes we do not need to get a very high amount of consumer credit, but a minimum sum that allows us to breathe and make an investment of a few thousand euros.

If we find ourselves in this situation, one of the financing products we can consider is the BancoPosta Mini Loan , also called the Postepay Evolution loan, through which we can obtain 1,000, 2,000 or 3,000 euros which we will repay in 22 months .

Unlike the other Poste Italiane personal loan products, in order to access the Bancoposta Mini Loan it is necessary, in addition to being holders of the PostePay Evolution Card, an age requirement, ie being between 18 and 70 years of age when the request is made .

This type of fast loan is issued both to Italian citizens, upon request for an identity document, health card and credit certification documents, and to foreign citizens, who must present, alternatively

  • a passport
  • a valid residence permit document
  • a document that guarantees residence in Italy for at least 12 months, if you are an employee
  • a document that guarantees residence in Italy for at least 36 months if you are self-employed

The amount requested through the PostePay loan is paid all at once on your PostePayEvolution Card, while it is possible to charge the fixed monthly installments both on the Card and alternatively on the postal current account.

The loan for those who do not have a current account

Allows access to its fast personal loans even to those who do not hold an account through the service.

In order to use this tool, it is necessary to present a few documents, no expense vouchers and above all it is not necessary to have a current account, enjoying the same speed of delivery as this type of financing.

You can also use Prontissimo Banco Posta when you need to get money for amounts ranging from 1,500 to 10,000 euros .

The repayment of the amount must take place in a minimum of 24 months (two years) and a maximum of 72 months , in monthly installments of a fixed amount and with a fixed rate.

For this type of fast financing, the TAN is 12.50% while the APR is 13.25% .

A good reason to choose the loan is that this form of credit avoids the payment of installment fees, the cost of sending communications and the early repayment fees.

If you are an account holder, the credit and repayment methods will be as in the other cases of fast loans through your current account.

The greatest benefit, however, will be given to those who are not current account holders Poste Italiane, who will be able to enjoy the benefits of BancoPosta loans by withdrawing the sum requested by means of a bank transfer to a post office, and will be able to use postal bills for repayment.

Very simple: just show up at the authorized post office nearest you with an identity document, a health card and an income document.

Loan without pay slip

Loan without pay slip

Before seeing what possibility offers in terms of loans without pay , it is essential to understand what is really meant by a loan without a pay slip.

An envelope-free loan allows you to obtain liquidity even when you receive a different income declaration, such as the CUD .

A worker without a pay slip is the one who does not have a demonstrable income monthly but still receives a salary.

These include atypical work contracts , fixed -term contracts, seasonal contracts, and even lay-offs .

If a worker finds himself in this situation he can still request and obtain a personal loan without a pay slip, through the annual income document with a repayment period of the maximum duration equal to his employment contract.

Having made this necessary premise, also offers a personal loan solution for the numerous atypical workers without a pay slip or demonstrable income with the SpecialCash PostePay loan.

As you can guess from the name, this loan is aimed at all holders between the ages of 18 and 70 and can be requested at all post offices in Italy from Italian and foreign citizens by presenting the identity card and on which will be credited.