One of the most frequently appreciated joyful moments in everyday life for many people is shopping. We are not talking about the obligatory weekly activity that each of us does in a habit. This is not the moment when we have to go to a nearby bread, milk, tea or coffee shop. No. We are talking about the process that takes hours spent in shopping malls and huge shops that impress anyone dared to spend their money there.

But is it wise to trust our emotions when we’re in the mall or mall? Do we have to make every purchase of a certain commodity a holiday that gives us an incentive for more and more shopping? Hardly the answer will appeal to the lovers of the shopping. The reason is that the so- impulsive shopping is the result of emotions that in most cases concern goods and services that we do not have such a huge need.

This means that there are serious monthly expenses that are absolutely redundant and can damage the personal or family budget.

Here are 3 reasons why we often shop impulsively and wrongly

  • The fear of omitting time-limited promotions is one of them. This is, in most cases, a marketing trick of traders who skillfully convinces any potential customer that he is now his last chance to acquire a particular good. Of course this is far from being the case.

Simply, commercial laws often work this way, they can improvise and play with the emotions of their customers. Therefore, when they see a sign or an online promotion called “Promotion” or “Recent pieces”, many people just stop thinking soberly about whether the particular item is at all needed and ready to buy;

  • A desire to save on concessions is another time that often makes people spend their money misled by emotions. However reasonable it may seem to you, any such commercial action pattern could also be detrimental to your portfolio. The reason is that you could actually save money when shopping during discounts in stores.

But at the same time you can go shopping, not because you need a certain good or service, just because the cents are a bit lower. This may also damage your budget, as the boundary between reasonable shopping and the one just made because of low prices is too thin and often people pass it;

  • Product demonstrations have been known as a good marketing and advertising model since the dawn of trade. In practice, there is hardly any better advertising for a product than the one in which it is placed in a realistic situation where it can be tested and show its potential. Then potential customers are as impressed as possible with demonstrations and impacts on their minds and decisions are much easier. This often leads to purchases of products that you may not be particularly in need of. You respectively spend an amount that could otherwise be saved.

We at Gandalf Credit are aware of how each emotional moment could lead to unplanned spending on things we do not need to such a large extent. Therefore, when you have financial problems with your personal or family budget and when you are in particular need, we are facing not only reasonable and quality advice, but also opportunities to grant various types of loans to be useful for the situation.

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